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  1. Getting Started
  2. Setting A Starting Location
  3. Simple Options
  4. Using The Results
  5. Advanced Options
  6. Exporters
  7. License
  8. Credits

Getting Started

System Requirements

Where To Download

The latest version of BLT can be downloaded from this server.

How To Install

BLT ships as a disk image containing the program. You don't need to do anything to install BLT. Simply drag the program to anywhere convenient, and it will be copied from the disk image.

Setting A Starting Location

Checking a Local File

If the file you would like to check is on your hard drive, you can set the starting location in many different ways:

Checking a URL

To check a website located on a web server, simply type the path of the file into the Starting Location: text field as if BLT were a web browser.

Simple Options

Check Recursively

If the Check Recursively checkbox is unchecked, only the starting location and the links from the starting location are tested. This is useful if you just want to check the links on one page.

If it is checked, however, BLT will in turn check all the pages encountered during a non-recursive check. This occurs until all links inside your site have been checked. This is useful if you want to verify that all the links on your site are active.

Using The Results


Icon Meaning More Info
Green Dot Success
Red Dot Failure
Envelope with Question Mark Email Link Email Links cannot be verified by BLT.
Question Mark Unsupported Protocol BLT doesn't support this link's protocol.
Timeout URL Timed Out Try increasing the timeout in the advanced options.
Forbidden URL Forbidden
Robot Exclusion Robot Exclusion The server's robots.txt file disallows robot access to this URL. See honor robots.txt advanced options.
Redirect Redirect
Unknown Error Server Error The server failed to transmit the page (i.e. a 500 level error).


Double-Clicking on an item in the results panel will bring up the corresponding file or webpage. Double-Clicking on an email address in the results panel will launch your email program and start an outgoing message to the double-clicked address.

Control-Clicking (or Right-Button Clicking) on an item will result in a contextual menu that will allow you to copy the item's location to the clipboard, create a new BLT document based off of it, and perform other useful actions.

Advanced Options

Default Files

In designing web sites, it is commonplace to link to directories (ie <a href="dir/">directory</a>). In these instances, a "default file" is used as the equivalent html file by the webserver.

When checking local files, BLT uses the list of Default Files to determine whether directory links successfully refer to files. The default setting should be more than adequate for most sites, but it is editable for more advanced scenarios. The list is present in the Advanced Options panel on the document window.

The Default Files setting is in regular expression form. BLT will reject any invalid expressions by turning the field yellow, and by keeping the focus on the field until the expression validates. For more information on constructing regular expressions, visit:

Check Links in HTML Comments

While this option is self explanatory, here's a tip: if you have relatively simple JavaScripts on your web pages [like rollovers], you can have the links in them checked if you turn on this option since most JavaScripts are enclosed in HTML Comments.

Check External Links Last

This option will delay any link that doesn't appear to be in your site until after the ones that are in your site have been checked. This option will increase the speed of BLT dramatically when the starting location is local.

Total Timeout

The Total Timeout is the maximum amount of time you want to wait for BLT to negotiate with a web server. The default is 5 Seconds which is a reasonable timeout for a cable modem. If you have a slower connection you should increase this value.

User Agent

When requesting a document from a web server, all clients send a User Agent to describe their type/brand/version. You can change this User Agent to masquerade as another type of client. This is particularly useful on sites where the content changes based on the User Agent.


... documentation forthcoming ...


For a complete End User License, as well as licenses for included libraries, look in BLT's help menu.


BLT is copyrighted and published by Before Dawn Solutions, Inc. (

All BLT code was originally written by Braxton Sherouse.

BLT uses the OgreKit and OniGuruma frameworks for regular expression parsing. Thanks!

The icon was designed by Matthew Bice.

The evolution of BLT is greatly influenced by the responses/suggestions I get from users. I'd like to thank everyone who has helped me out in that way.

Thanks to my family for the support!

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